Children and their families should always feel able to have their voice heard and be listened to when decisions which affect them are to be made.

Of the 109 parents/carers who responded to our 2015-16 survey:

  • 77% felt that that they were involved ‘a lot’ in agreeing the support they receive. A further 12% felt they were involved ‘quite a lot’
  • 55% felt that they ‘Had my Voice Heard When Decisions Are Being Made’ ‘a lot’. A further 15% felt they had their voice heard ‘quite a lot’
  • 61% felt the support offered had ‘Raised My Confidence to Have My Opinions Heard Elsewhere’ ‘a lot’. A further 13% felt their confidence had raised ‘quite a lot’.

“Circle is really working in my experience and I hear a lot from other dads that would like to see Circle being a main part of their families on the outside and the work they do for themselves in prison.” (Father)

“Me and my son talk more and his behaviour has improved a lot. We do more activities together now.” (Mother)

“Circle is very supportive; my Family Support Worker has helped me with confidence, teaching me things, helping me to work out for things myself. She helps with appointments for me and my son. She helped me to learn how to parent.” (Mother)

“’Bump to Buggy’ has helped me feel part of the community” (Mother)

“A big ‘thank you’ to my Family Support Worker - you do a great job and you always go on to do what you say. Thank god you have really helped me change my life.” (Father)

Please text Angela Gentile 07775 409302 with your name and your number - if you are interested in being involved in any of the following:

Ø  Telling us about how we can improve the services we provide

Ø  Letting us know what should be available for fathers in your area to help them in their parenting role

You can download the full strategy and action plan here